Security, User-friendliness, Functionality, and Design: Differentiating Crypto Exchanges

Security, User-friendliness, Functionality, and Design: Differentiating Crypto Exchanges 4

Factors to consider before choosing a crypto exchange platform

Like any other financial decision, due diligence must be exercised before choosing a crypto exchange platform. Due diligence entails ticking the right boxes, and ensuring that a crypto exchange platform is  secure and respects your privacy.As a wide variety of alt and coins to trade with,it’s important to consider charges to be a reasonable fee , and must have  a friendly user interface, etc. Exercising due diligence by considering these factors will lead you to the Aurix Chain ecosystem, which ensures an easy sail in place of turbulent water of crypto trading.

The comparative advantage of Aurix’s crypto exchange platform

Aurix’s crypto exchange platform stands out from the crowd because of its strong security architecture, user-friendliness, functionality, and innovative design. Aurix’s CEO, Majed Mohsen, built this platform  as an answer to the very important question on  “how can companies encourage wider adoption of cryptocurrency?” Thus, the comparative advantage of Aurix’s crypto exchange platform will be discussed below:


The entire Aurix chain ecosystem was built using the best blockchain technology.  Its security system is proven to protect against the toughest malware in the crypto world. Aurix chain ecosystem is the first-ever, throughout  the world, to offer cashback on crypto trading and spending on its credit card. The cashback system protects customers and ensures they get their cash back, even if the whole system collapses.


The whole Aurix chain ecosystem was essentially built to ensure easy access to the crypto trading and its many benefits by the bulk of the population. A strong testament to this is its friendly user interface that is self-explanatory and easy to use.


Unlike most other ecosystems, Aurix’s chain ecosystem can be used to perform a wide range of functions; from crypto trading to shopping, peer-to-peer crypto transfer, and credit card fiat transfer.


Aurix’s alluring design conveys its user-friendliness. Its catchy interface was brilliantly designed to make trading and other transactions interesting, easy and worthwhile.

No hidden charges

Customers need not pay an arm and a leg to transact on Aurix’s crypto exchange platform. While some other crypto exchange platforms profess not to be expensive, experience shows  they charge an arm and a leg by hiding under hidden and miscellaneous charges. Aurix’s exchange system is transparent and integrity-driven; what you see is what you get.

Secured by the latest blockchain technology

Taking cognizance of the damages caused by hackers to crypto traders have prompted Aurix to invest in the latest and most sophisticated blockchain technology, to protect customers from unsuspecting hackers lurking in the dark alleys of the internet. The investment has proven to be efficient and effective, because the company has  recorded no incidence of crypto theft.

Integrates shopping plugin

Aurix’s CEO, Majed Mohsen, is futuristic in his approach to cryptocurrency. He believes the best way to usher in a future where cryptocurrency will be used as a medium to purchase goods and services is by integrating a shopping plugin into the Aurix’s chain ecosystem. This will enable business owners to accept payment through cryptocurrency.

Unique credit card

In furtherance of its vision to facilitate easy adoption of cryptocurrency the same way the fiat currency is adopted, Aurix is in a strategic partnership with Visa and MasterCard. The partnership is aimed at facilitating crypto exchange and payment.


Cryptocurrency is on a noble quest to disrupt the traditional monetary system and its inadequacies, and usher in a new dawn. Aurix, as a major player in the crypto space, offers customers the golden opportunity to benefit from this noble quest. 

Its easy-to-use interface, the wide range of coins available on its platform, top-notch security system, peer to peer trading just to mention a few, separate Aurix’s wheats from the chaff of other crypto exchange platforms. 

Aurix’s innovative features like little commission and no hidden charges, pitch-perfect security system, shopping plugin, and unique credit card will propel Aurix as the eagles of the emerging crypto space in the foreseeable future.

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