Sen. Markwayne Mullin Accused of Picking the Noses of Sleeping Members and Their Spouses on 2015 Israel Trip

Sen. Markwayne Mullin, a Republican from Oklahoma, has been accused of picking the noses of sleeping members and their spouses on a 2015 trip to Israel.

Markwayne Mullin

The allegation was made by Kappy Trott, the wife of former Rep. David Trott, who told Politico that Mullin walked “up and down” the bus and stuck his finger in the noses of several dozed-off passengers.

Trott said she and her husband personally witnessed Mullin’s behavior and that there was a mixture of anger and laughter among the spouses on the trip.

“It was just middle school,” she said.

Representatives from Mullin’s office did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

The story comes days after Mullin tried to fight the president of the Teamsters labor union during a Senate hearing only to be stopped by 82-year-old Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Mullin has since gone on a press tour about the incident, telling one podcast that he’s not afraid of biting his opponents during a fight.

“I’ll do anything, I mean, I’m not above it,” he said. “And I don’t care where I bite, by the way, it’s just going to be a bite.”

Mullin has also used the publicity to fundraise.


The accusation against Mullin is serious and could damage his reputation. Mullin is a freshman senator and is considered to be a rising star in the Republican Party. However, the allegation could alienate some voters and make it more difficult for him to win re-election in 2024.

Mullin’s behavior on the Israel trip was childish and disrespectful. It is unclear why he would choose to act in this way, but it is possible that he was trying to be funny or that he was simply bored. Regardless of his motivation, his actions were inappropriate and should not be tolerated.

It is important to note that Mullin has not been charged with any crime and that he has denied the allegation. However, the accusation is credible and should be taken seriously.


The allegation against Sen. Markwayne Mullin is serious and could have a significant impact on his political career. Mullin should apologize for his actions and take steps to improve his behavior.

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