Senate passes $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, including $1,400 stimulus checks, Bull Market back on!

Senate passes $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, including $1,400 stimulus checks, Bull Market back on!

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  1. Just a reminder to some of you; if you have actual bills and shit to catch up on use this money for that. Don’t immediately think about dumping it into dogecoin or whatever just because it shows up in your bank account.
    This is (kinda) not financial advice.

  2. bull market has been on, although this stimulus will float both markets nicely through April and May. What are you loading up on with yours?

    I was thinking a bit more ETH and some ADA, maybe a litecoin or two?

  3. If you invested the previous stimulus of 1200$ in BTC, you’d now have 8500$.

    If you invest that one in you’ll either gain money or lose money, I can’t predict the market I just lose money on bad investments.

  4. I’ve already decided my entire check is going into crypto! The wife took some convincing but I’m excited and waiting anxiously for this to get signed into law.

  5. tldr; The US Senate on Saturday passed a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package that includes $1,400 stimulus checks, $300-per-week jobless benefits through the summer, a child allowance of up to $3,600 for one year, $350 billion for state aid, $34 billion to expand Affordable Care Act subsidies and $14 billion for vaccine distribution. The final vote was 50-49 along party lines, with every Republican voting “no”.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  6. Bull Market was never off (at least not yet), crypto market together with stock markets just had some correction because of the rising treasury yield. This stimulus should help both markets hopefully.

  7. In a perfect world the people that receive stimulus checks buy ETH and then when ETH pumps to untold highs those gains go right into BTC and then when BTC goes to untold highs, those gains flow into the ALTs and bring about the next alt season pumping.



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