Sexyy Red Shocks Fans: Admits to Sleeping with Drake for a Verse

In a jaw-dropping revelation, female rapper Sexyy Red has admitted publicly that she slept with rap superstar Drake to get her first verse. The confession, which has sent shockwaves through the hip-hop community, was made during a candid interaction with fans.

female rapper Sexyy Red has admitted publicly that she slept with rap superstar Drake to get her first verse
female rapper Sexyy Red has admitted publicly that she slept with rap superstar Drake to get her first verse

Sexyy Red, known for her unapologetic openness, didn’t shy away from confirming the rumor. When a fan directly asked whether the story about her sleeping with Drake for a verse was true, Sexyy Red responded with a straightforward affirmative. This bold admission has only added to her already controversial and fearless persona.

From “Pound Town” to the Top of the Charts

Sexyy Red, an American rapper, burst onto the scene with her 2023 hit single “Pound Town” featuring Tay Keith. The track’s immense popularity led to a remixed sequel, “Pound Town 2,” which featured none other than Nicki Minaj. This collaboration propelled Sexyy Red into the mainstream, earning her first entry on the Billboard Hot 100.

Following this success, her next single, “SkeeYee,” continued to gain traction, securing her place as a rising star in the rap world. Both tracks were included in her second mixtape, “Hood Hottest Princess” (2023), showcasing her unique style and bold lyrics.

Collaborations with Big Names

Sexyy Red’s ascent didn’t stop there. In 2023, she made guest appearances on several official remixes, including “Shake Sumn” by DaBaby, “Slut Me Out” by NLE Choppa, and “Peaches & Eggplants” by Young Nudy, alongside rapper Latto. All these tracks charted on the Billboard Hot 100, further cementing her status as a breakout artist.

Her collaboration with Drake on “Rich Baby Daddy,” featuring SZA, was another highlight of her career. The single peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was accompanied by a viral music video where Sexyy Red delivered her second child, adding another layer of intrigue to her public image.

A Breakout Star of 2023

Billboard hailed Sexyy Red as “one of the biggest breakout artists of summer 2023.” Her raw and confident public image, coupled with her brazenly sexual and boisterous lyrics, has made her a standout figure in the hip-hop scene. She even received a nomination for “Best Breakthrough Hip Hop Artist” at the 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards.

The Bold Confession

Sexyy Red’s recent confession about her interaction with Drake has only fueled her notoriety. While some fans are shocked, others see it as another example of her unfiltered honesty. Her willingness to “snitch on herself,” as some put it, is both polarizing and intriguing, adding to her complex and multifaceted persona.

What’s Next for Sexyy Red?

As Sexyy Red continues to rise in the music industry, her fearless attitude and unflinching honesty are likely to keep her in the spotlight. Whether she’s collaborating with big names like Drake and Nicki Minaj or dropping her own hits, Sexyy Red is proving that she’s here to stay.

Her bold moves and candid revelations make her a fascinating figure to watch. For fans of rap music and hip-hop culture, Sexyy Red’s journey is one of raw ambition and unapologetic self-expression. Stay tuned for more from this breakout star who’s unafraid to tell it like it is.

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