Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Reverses Stance on Bitcoin, Says Crypto Is Here to Stay, Invests 3% of His Portfolio

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Reverses Stance on Bitcoin, Says Crypto Is Here to Stay, Invests 3% of His Portfolio

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  1. I’ll sell him 20% of my stake for 500k but in return I get a .01 BTC royalty in perpetuity on any trades he makes for the rest of his life. It’s a good deal. Take it.

  2. tldr; Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, has begun investing in bitcoin. He previously called the cryptocurrency “garbage” and a “giant nothing burger,” but now he has invested in bitcoin and thinks that it is no longer a fad. O’Leary is also getting used to the volatility of bitcoin and believes that institutional investors are willing to hold through price fluctuations.

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  3. This guy is a pure-blooded Capitalist. Markets say crypto is the next internet and if you’re reading this, it’s 1976 and you threw some money at your pals Wozniak and Jobs because home computers could be a thing. Bullish AF.

  4. Whales have been gorging on the dip and are starting to release bullish news.

    No way big investors like O’Leary were going to buy in the middle of a bull run. Not saying he was involved in the dip, but I didnt see him praising bitcoin when it was at 57k and he had a 0% position. Just saying

  5. Bitcoin is so darn complicated it makes sense for people to change their mind. Or you change your mind when you want to buy and you have to explain yourself because you publicly dismissed it earlier. I wouldn’t be surprised if he changes his mind again when he decides to sell.

    Granted 3% if pretty small, much smaller than other people investing in crypto.

  6. All these rich famous dudes are trying to see if they are big and famous enough to be able to move markets with just their words. Seems like Crypto is being whipped around by rich guys egos a lot lately.

  7. We didn’t care about what he said then, and we don’t care about what he says now.

    Mr ‘Dont take debt’, like I’m supposed to save for 300 years so I can buy a house?

    Fuck off and don’t be crap whale.

  8. Literally 3 weeks ago he was saying

    >*“So here I am at $88.97 – who do I call to get my money back? Oh no, there isn’t anybody. That’s the problem. This is not backed by anything, it’s just backed by your faith, and the challenge with crypto is it’s engineered scarcity. That’s why I don’t really love this crypto stuff.*
    >*You have to guess which coin’s going to move and how they’re going to engineer scarcity, but it’s not really an institutional product. But I really would like to know how to get back that [$11] that I’ve lost. Call me.”* 

  9. Perhaps I missed this in the article, but is the catalyst for his change of stance only the institutional interest?

    > how do I invest in the infrastructure of mining bitcoin

    Seems more like FOMO/wanting to get in on the money versus an actual interest in driving the space forward/what’s next.

  10. Not surprising at all.

    With the amount of attention this year and huge names buying big quantities of crypto, early March is gonna see another boom just like we saw in early January and early February.

    Get ready folks, buy as much as you can today before it all blasts off!



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