SHIB Holders want to Attack Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum for Vitaliks COVID/India Donations

SHIB Crypto holders are mad at Vitalik Buterin for donating his portion to Covid/India relief. They now have created a token to depress Ethereum. “Each transaction using the token incurs a 4% charge, half of which goes to holders and the other half of which goes toward borrowing ETH. That ETH is then dumped on DeFi crypto lending marketplace Venus Protocol in favor of Binance Coin. [Goal is to put sell pressure of ETH]” You can already guess how well this will be working (spoiler: It wont). Also this shows that SHIB holders didnt do any research about what they were buying. Buterin has done a great job of exposing it for what it really is. [source](

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  1. >a crypto scam watchdog group has created a token that dumps ETH for rival BNB

    So they claim to be a watchdog group against scams, yet they created a scam token. Good job guys. Really sticking to your fundamentals… not!

  2. this is purely a grift by waronrugs to get people to buy his token and rug them, AGAIN. this dude is clever. look up his last token, fairmoon. he doesnt give a shit shiba was ruined, hes just trying to capitalize on it.

  3. I think it’s to much fuzz this year around this shitcoins like shiba,safemoon, etc.
    Just put money in real projects with real application, make money help the market grow, make millions in a couple of years.
    Don’t chase this green candles and hype in shitcoins with no purpose.

  4. Lmao this is so dumb. Why is Vitalik Buterin responsible for other people getting rekt by shitcoins just because he did what he wanted with money he was given (unsolicited money, I might add)? It’s not like he pumped SHIB and then sold it. He never asked to have anything to do with it.

    I doubt this will ultimately matter much anyway, though. Is this really going to affect ETH? I doubt it, especially in the long term. Almost nobody will care about “RETH” in about a month (and I doubt many do right now).

  5. Literally the dumbest and most evil segment of people in this space. Imagine how dark your heart has to be to try and concoct attacks on a person that is literally saving human lives.

  6. He still holds billions worth of the coin. I hope he sells that now and really shows the Shib idiots. 😂

    The devs could have burned the coins but sent it to VB instead. Not his fault.

  7. How dare he sell the ERC-20 tokens, that the devs gave him hoping he won’t notice and then they can call it a “burn”.


    DOGE hype + We are the good guys, we gave the coins to Vitalik + The lie about burning them = Obviously a pump and dump shitcoin. If you are making a legit project, why would you do any of this shit?


    **I am glad Vitalik could monetize the stupidity of some people and put it into a good use.**

  8. I bought SHIB because some friends were really hyping it up and theyd been spot on about other similar projects in the past so I just followed them without doing DD and ignoring a lot of the warnings I saw on here because…. moonshot, yknow. Anyways, I just want to say Ive learned a good lesson about trusting projects and doing my own research and not to fall victim to hype/fomo. Im gonna hold onto my shib to remind me of that lesson and also because its funny to have a few million coins of anything, even if they are basically worthless

  9. Interesting. I’ve argued that there is [totally different war on SHIB]( between which exchange will ultimately own SHIB. This adds an interesting new flavor to the meta.

    The War on Rugs reaction looks a lot like the /biz/ 4c where this whole thing started.

    By throwing shade at ETH, it will help Ryoshi Research further justify it’s own “ShibSwap” migration, which I’m worried is the final phase of a greater liquidity daisy chain scam in response to losing their control at the hands of the big exchanges — one which has a BEP-20 peg as of today (and I don’t have proof of this) is a hedge in case a real rug pull happens. I think they’re also trying to get Certik to endorse this as safe. There’s been cases where Certik did not catch every exploitable function, as some are useful when not in the hands of a pump group.

    SHIB holders need to watch this thing very carefully

  10. Oh you poor babies! Did yr shitcoin dump? You didn’t see that coming? You thought SHIB was going to make you independently, financially independently? Really?

  11. I got small bag of Shib and I’m member of the biggest shib sub on reddit.

    Although I’m not big supporter of Shib project and I know what it really is and why was created and I bought it only to make quick buck and then invest money in crypto that I belive got future i have to say what you say is not entirely true.

    Belive me or not most of the Shiba comunity belive or at least want to belive that VB is their hero.

    They even want to change “doge killer” to “covid killer” 😅
    They think that thanks to donation they get deserved public attention and this will make Shiba inu project grow, which to be fair is partially true as shiba community start growing really fast after the India donation news.

  12. BNB is under investigation. BSC etc… may all crumble like a house of cards. The SEC DOJ and a couple of other agencies are working in conjunction. This is unprecedented in crypto and will begin to effects Binance’s price. They are going to take thus guy down. He has no protection in Malta.

  13. Thats completely incorrect, I’m a SHIB HODLER and like 80% of us have no problem with what he did I’m still 400% up? And we are growing by the day. Maybe you should just try to not hate on people. Why does it bother you guys how people spend their own money?



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