Shiba Inu conquers Kraken and SHIB’s price pumps

Shiba Inu Kraken

Shiba Inu (SHIB) was listed on Kraken today as its price appears to be in a bull run again, recording a pump of 10% in the last 24 hours and 22% in the last week.

Shiba Inu listed on Kraken

Today, the crypto-exchange Kraken opened trading for Shiba Inu (SHIB). The announcement was made yesterday on Twitter:

“New Listing on Kraken: Shiba Inu (SHIB) deposits begin NOW! Trading is live November 30”.

According to reports, SHIB deposits on Kraken require 20 confirmations (~5 minutes) and the minimum deposit is 373,000 SHIB.

Trading pairs of SHIB-USD and SHIB-EUR, i.e. of the “Dogecoin Killer” meme-coin and the two fiat currencies, requires a minimum of 50,000 SHIB, a price accuracy of 8 decimal places and a quantity accuracy of 5 decimal places.

At the moment, only Kraken and Kraken Terminal will be available for SHIB, while Kraken Futures and Margin Trading will not be available at launch.

Shiba price is rising

SHIB’s price pump over the past week

Over the past week, SHIB’s price appears to be in a bull run.

The 11th crypto by market capitalization, behind its bitter rival Dogecoin, has pumped +22% in seven days and +10% in just 24 hours. 

It is still far from its ATH (All Time High) marked in October 2021 with the price of $0.08 thousandths of a dollar, though in these seven days SHIB touched the price of $0.05 thousandths of a dollar. 

This is nothing like the last week of its rival Dogecoin which, positioned in tenth position by market capitalisation, has seen its price fluctuate, settling after seven days at its initial price of $0.21.

The latest news about the meme coin

A couple of weeks ago, Shiba Inu was also confirmed as a payment method by the largest chain of cinemas and theatres in the US, AMC Entertainment.

This was announced directly by AMC CEO Adam Aron, who in a tweet expressly told his digital payment partner Bitpay to support the famous meme-coin in its circuit. Concretely, SHIB will be used in 900 theatres and more than 10,000 cinemas within 60-120 days.

On the other hand, last week, the very popular Shiba Inu was linked to a scam targeting the accounts of SHIB investors.

In this case, the Shiba Inu team warned its users through a video on Twitter and explained not to share wallet keys or provide email addresses or passwords to anyone for any reason.


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