Shiba Inu price shoots up more than 35% after Coinbase Pro listing

Shiba Inu price shoots up more than 35% after Coinbase Pro listing

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  1. Hey fuckers, if you are going to open the floodgate and let every coin in, at least hire a fucking clown to build a better web interface and UI. It’s a fucking cluster fuck as is to navigate through the list of shitcoins. Build a filter or favorite function for god’s sake.

  2. No one here seems to understand that Coinbase is now a publicly traded company. They have to keep investors happy. More users look better to investors, and there will be fees to sell or transfer the coins brining in more revenue for the company. It was actually a smart move seeing that SHIB is gaining popularity.

  3. 2 cents on shiba. First off, I hold blue chips, emerging market coins, tech I believe in. ADA, DOT, ETH, XRP, BTC. To play the contrarian.

    I see all the jackasses who got filthy rich off of doge, something no could have imagined happening in a million years, right?

    Throwing 50-100 bucks at shiba isn’t the worst thing you could do, is it? Are you flushing your money down the toilet, yea probably.

    Who is to say that the WSB, Gen z influencers, tik Tok addicts of 2021 don’t have their own plan for financial freedom, right alongside hedge funds, institutions, and governments adopting crypto? It is easy to hate on it, Im not gen z, I don’t use twitter, could give two shits about tik Tok, etc. It is easy to call them garbage investors. But what if they are onto something?! Cue ….[Goonies-like inspiration speech]

    What if the “shib hedge” against doge, an ERC20 token going live with a swap, and being listed on Coinbase Pro,, and exchanges 1 by 1 **IS** their time. What is this is “their” time.

    It is all emerging tech, it is still very much the Wild West. While “smart” investors are investing in academic coins like ADA, based on peer reviewed paper. You have a completely different investor out there, making t-shirts and hats of a dog, creating tik Tok videos around the clock, and working to make their investment earn money through hype. They are using their skill-set to generate a buzz, just like bullshit hedge fund media-owned “investing news” publications pull our strings. Gen Z has a much bigger audience through tik Tok, youtube, twitter.

    The fact that shib is an ERC20 token, and that most of us are bullish on ETH becomes a contradiction as well. If ETH flys, ALL ERC20 tokens pump, right? ETH has a massive future ahead of it. To think that the founders/creators of shib don’t have a calculated plan to pump it, underestimates the ingenuity of youth. I personally don’t think the end of the road is .000006 or whatever for shib. Just an opinion.

  4. Ah! I bought at the top today. My investment has yielded me a negative 0.02 on investment.. With 68.8K shares, and an initial investment of 0.63¢, I’m down bad. I shoulda listened when they told me “never invest more than you’re willing to lose”😔

    Thinking about selling and cutting my losses.

    I accept BTC donations, if you’re willing to help make me whole.

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