Shiba Inu whale buys 276 billion coins in hours


TL;DR Breakdown

  • A Shiba Inu whale grabs 276 billion coins on Saturday after purchasing 6 trillion coins on Friday.
  • This could drive the coin to more platforms for listing.

An anonymous and strange Shiba Inu whale loaded massive bags of SHIB coins under its portfolio on a buying trip. The unknown whale on the 1st of October had initially bought an enormous amount of SHIB – 6 trillion SHIB coins worth $43,838,916. The same unknown whale bought 116 billion coins the next day, the 2nd of October. The whale didn’t stop there and bought 159 billion coins next in the next hours and finally stopped after buying another round of 1 billion coins. These three buying orders got fulfilled all within a few hours.

The total purchased SHIB coins summed up to 276 billion for Saturday, the 2nd of October. Such a large buying amount of SHIB coin boosted the coin’s price and during the day, it rose by 5% after which it settled down around 3%.

Shiba Inu grabbing could open door to new platforms

When the last time a big whale grabbed a massive amount at the end of June, SHIB got a place on eToro. SHIB witnessed another listing on CoinBase Pro and WeBull at the start of August following a huge whale buy in the July end.

The whales continued to grab the coin resulting in the listing announcement by Binance during September.

There have been several developments in the technical aspect of the coin which may lead it to listing on various platforms. The solid entry position by the Shiba Inu whale might act as a catalyst in the process.

SHIB continues the upward movement in the market race. In the last one year, it has gracefully removed four zeroes from its price which is a big achievement in such a short period. Experts speculate that the coin might erase a zero or two in the next one year because it is now available on the biggest trading exchanges and platforms. This facilitates investors’ purchases than doing loose exchange swaps and paying stupid deductions of 10% or more.

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