Shocking Allegations Against Busta Rhymes: Former Security Guard Spills the Tea

In a recent viral interview, a former security guard known as Big Homie C.C. dropped some bombshell allegations about iconic rapper Busta Rhymes. The shocking claims have set the hip-hop community abuzz, with fans and critics alike weighing in on the controversial statements.

The Allegations

Big Homie C.C., who has not worked directly for Busta Rhymes but claims to have been around him on multiple occasions, accused the rapper of being a “super zest monster.” According to Big Homie, Busta would frequently request the company of “fun boys” during his parties. This term is often used within the industry to refer to male companions, suggesting a possible preference that contradicts Busta’s public persona.

The ex-guard did not stop there. He alleged that Busta Rhymes has a hostile attitude towards women, claiming that he has witnessed the rapper flipping out on women “just for being girls.” Additionally, Big Homie stated that Busta is particularly averse to women touching him, recounting an incident where he allegedly saw Busta pull a man into his section at a party.

No Proof, But Plenty of Gossip

It’s important to note that Big Homie C.C. did not provide any concrete evidence to support his claims. As of now, Busta Rhymes has not publicly responded to these allegations. The lack of proof has not stopped the rumor mill from churning, as many within the hip-hop community have shared their thoughts on the matter.

Social Media Reactions

In the comments section of the interview, fans and followers of hip-hop culture have been divided. Some expressed skepticism, demanding solid proof before believing such serious accusations. Others shared that they had been hearing similar rumors about Busta Rhymes’ sexuality for years, suggesting that Big Homie’s claims might have some truth to them.

One commenter wrote, “I’ve been hearing these stories for a while now. Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.” Another user countered, “These are just baseless allegations. Until I see real evidence, I’m not buying it.”

The Impact on Busta Rhymes’ Image

Busta Rhymes, known for his rapid-fire lyrics and energetic performances, has been a prominent figure in the rap scene since the early 1990s. These allegations, if believed by the public, could potentially tarnish his reputation. In an industry where image is everything, such claims can have lasting impacts, even without solid proof.

The hip-hop community is no stranger to controversies and rumors, and Busta Rhymes is not the first artist to face such allegations. However, the nature of these claims is particularly salacious and could lead to significant backlash if more people come forward with similar stories.


As the gossip continues to swirl, it remains to be seen how Busta Rhymes will address these allegations, if at all. The rapper’s silence on the matter is deafening, and fans are eagerly waiting for a response. Whether these claims hold any truth or are simply another case of industry hearsay, they have certainly sparked a heated discussion within the hip-hop community.

For now, Big Homie C.C.’s interview has left a lingering question mark over Busta Rhymes’ personal life. Will this be a fleeting rumor or the start of a deeper investigation into the rapper’s private affairs? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more updates as this story develops.

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