Showerthought: When the Kardashians start selling NFTs you know we’ve hit full Tulip mode.

Kayne will get in on it too, sell his ego as a NFT and we will break a new record for most expensive asset ever created.

What do you guys think are other examples of “full blown tulip NFT mania” ?

I thought this Croatian tennis player selling a “patch of skin on her arm” for 5000 usd was…..mind boggling.


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  1. I’d be wary of buying any NFT that’s value is based solely on scarcity/memes. I think the current types of NFTs will fail outside of musicians/legit artists, maybe something like trading cards too. The real value in NFTs is for proving ownership of something that’s not a jpeg, like property deeds, vehicle titles, tickets to events, bearer bonds, etc.

  2. Yeah it’s pretty bubbly but I wish people would stop relating it to tulips. It seems like a lot effort way for people to signal that they know more about speculative bubbles than the average person. Tulips are different from crypto as an asset in every fundamental way except that there was a speculative bubble.

  3. I honestly don’t care about NFTs and am not invested in it. Can blow up for all I care. If you invested in it and lost it all, I don’t have any sympathy either.

  4. I think there could be a market for NFTs in the CCG space.

    People with ultra valuable cards want to use them, but don’t want to damage them. An NFT could be a way to fairly proxy for competitive play.

    I could even see the potential for card libraries that would allow you to rent the card for your next tournament without having to drop 50k for that black lotus your deck needs. Plus, it let’s the cardholder/collector monetize while still maintaining ownership.

  5. I think there’s a lot of interesting applications for NFTs and I hope the technology blossoms. But… most of the stuff that’s selling now is shit and I wouldn’t invest in it. I do expect influencers to start peddling them soon.

  6. When crypto guyz start talking bubbels tulips i just lol… are you the new dinosaurs?? Are you going to fomo inn later 🤣🤣 its like buying btc in 2013 haha!!! Dont be a old head



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