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Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited, the biggest corporation of asset financing in India, recently launched blockchain-based Digital Fixed Deposit Certificates according to Polygon price prediction reports. These certificates ensure 100% authenticity and cryptographic security of the blockchain platform. Shriram Transport Finance Company belongs to the Shriram group. The company operates with a network of 856 rural centers and 1,585 branches and shares tie-ups with more than 500 investors across India. V. Sendil Kumar, The CTO of Shriram Group, said that the company is currently focusing on blockchain-based strategies and businesses. One of the most recent initiatives of the Shriram Group is the employment of blockchain technology for improving the security of making fixed deposits at Shriram Transport Finance Company. The company is also looking forward to employing blockchain technology in the general and life insurance companies of the Shriram City Union Finance. 

The users of Shriram Transport Finance can now access the digital certificates in an instant through the Private trust system at The users can download, distribute, and authenticate the digital certificates without any hassle. The platform of Print2block works in integration with Polygon for creating public audits. Mr. Umesh Revankar, the Vice-chairman and Managing Director of Shriram Transport Finance Company, is delighted with the successful launch and is now looking forward to launching more innovative ways based on blockchain technology to establish a seamless connection with the users. 

The use of Polygon with enables Print2Block to make the data publicly verifiable and auditable. Print2Block uses Polygon to bring the current financial assets to the blockchain. The employment of the trustless blockchain network of Polygon by Print2Block shall improve data integrity and ensure the immutability of data. Print2Block is a startup venture that serves to build platforms for issuing documents using the blockchain network. The company operates one of the biggest private networks of Blockchain with that powers more than 20 million transactions.

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