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Hey everyone,

I am on a founding member of Beyond Protocol’s Street Team. It’s a stealth project started by leaders in Silicon Valley and at Stanford University. Please let me know if I can be helpful in any way. Info below. They’re hiring.

Beyond Protocol was started by Silicon Valley-based technologists in January 2018 to harness the explosive power of merging distributed ledger technology and IoT. Beyond Protocol eliminates hacks and facilitates machine-to-machine value transfer.

With security as a given, Beyond Protocol allows us to feel comfortable opening up our devices for collaboration. Using them like threads of yarn, the dreamers among us can weave together inventions we would have not thought to conceive.

From the smart phone — a camera, a touch screen, GPS, an internet connection — applications were built which revolutionized entire industries (e.g. Uber and Instagram). From Beyond Protocol, mega applications can be engineered on top of any combination of IoT devices: from smart pills to satellites. Imagine a Nest smoke alarm paying a drone to put out a fire, and the drone making micropayments to weather towers along the way to determine the best route. Beyond Protocol sets out to be the ethical language of machines.

After over a year of R&D, in early 2019, the Beyond Protocol team put forth the first iterations of its novel technology to a handful of partners. The technology allows its partners, with one line of code, to i. enable secure message brokering between devices through hardware signatures ii. equip devices with a cryptocurrency-based payment gateway. At present, there are no out-of-box solutions for either capability.

Beyond seeks to build real, practical solutions for device security and payments from consumers to devices, and soon, among an economy of devices. Beyond envisions a future where good triumphs over evil and technology can work to create an exponentially more safe and more beautiful world.

**Project Resources**
 – Website: [](
 – Overview: [](
 – Beyond Protocol (video): [](
 – Token Metrics: [](

**Technical Resources**
 – White Paper: [](
 – Technical Overview: [](

*Q: Do you plan to ICO/IEO?*
A: To fund our project, and to seed our cryptocurrency, Beyond will sell its tokens from time to time ahead of a public listing. To date, Beyond has sold 4.96% of its token supply to project backers and allocated 6.07% to advisers. Beyond last sold its tokens in a private sale with a market capitalization of $100,000,000.00.

*Q: When do you plan to launch?*
A: Beyond is mostly in stealth. We plan to unveil key partnerships in Q3 2021 ahead of a token generation event (TGE).

*Q: Who are your key advisors?*
A: Some of our advisors include:
 – Anoop Nanna (Global Blockchain Practice Leader at Amazon; Formerly: Global Head of Blockchain, Cisco)
 – Stephen DiFranco (Former SVP/GM IoT, Broadcom)
 – Brian Forde (Sr. White House Advisor to Obama; Co-Founder Digital Media Initiative, MIT Media Lab)
 – Greg Silverman (Co-Founder/CEO of Stampede Ventures; Formerly: President, Warner Bros)
 – Brian Weinstein (President/COO, Bad Robot)
 – Peter Boni (Managing Principal, Kedgeway)

*Q: How does Beyond compare to other blockchain-based IoT projects?*
A: At launch, the core team and its advisers were deeply concerned about the integrity of existing solutions in the marketplace, which scores of its professional and academic associates deemed as being technologically nonviable (See: MIT Media Lab: “Our response to ‘A Cryptocurrency Without a Blockchain Has Been Built to Outperform Bitcoin‘).

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