Since Biden signing this “stimulus”, the national debt is now greater than the value of the entire US economy. How could you not be bullish on Bitcoin?

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  1. As much as I love Bitcoin and worry about the big-picture macroeconomic forces, I think Japan is showing us we can run on massive debt and money printing for a lot longer than the doom-sayers realize. Though the consequences that has on average people is another story.

  2. Media is attributing sharp price increases (building materials for example) exclusively to covid related shortages. They are trying to bury the reality of inflationary pressure caused by money printer brrrrrrr^3

  3. Most people genuinly dont understand the system enough.

    Even most of us dont understand it, we just understand enough to know its fucked lol.

    Most people dont even know the only reason money has, or should I say had any value is because it was once backed by gold etc.

    Its that far apart from all that people just think money itself is the wealth. Generations of abuse victims raised in a fucked up system, its all they know…

    We are the lucky few who stumble on BTC.

  4. Bitcoin don’t seem like a real alternative to our fiat anymore. It reacts negatively to the same things that the market reacts negatively too. Inflation fears? Stock market goes down and for some reason BTC goes right with it. If BTC is a hedge against inflation it can’t react negatively to said inflation and still be a viable alternative to fiat

    To me BTC has become kinda like a more volatile money market account or CD at this point.

    Even with these feelings I still pour money into it because FOMO



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