Since the patch release of Nano v21.3, the total unchecked blocks in the network has dropped dramatically today.

Nano Foundation was able to pushed v21.3 out quickly and with v22 coming out very soon to particularly address the spamming issue. CPS is going back up. The unchecked blocks have gone way down today, as many nodes are upgrading to the latest update.

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At the end of the day, the spamming attack is good for Nano. How many cryptos can really withstand 500 TPS and not completely fall over? To able to handle that high of TPS while remaining fast and feeless is uber ambitious and I think they are that much closer to that goal after overcoming this attack.

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  1. This is a small patch, expect a larger patch addressing more issues in v22, there are also discussions on going to further address the issue.

    Overall this is something Nano needed to happen now and not later, the protocol will only get stronger with each issue it faces and tackles.

  2. Fuck Nano. Spam should have been sorted out years ago, the devs knew about the problem for a long time now and did nothing.

    Its been a week and you still cant deposit or withdraw from exchanges.



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