SkyBridge’s Anthony Scaramucci believes bitcoin could become the global reserve currency.

SkyBridge Capital

The American financier SkyBridge Capital’s CEO Anthony Scaramucci believes that bitcoin is a monetary standard that could one day become a global reserve currency. During an interview with Natalie Brunell, the Founder and Managing Partner of SkyBridge Capital – Anthony Scaramucci – shared his stance on bitcoin’s merits and its future development. He explained the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency with the fact that it is still in its early adoption days.


“Bitcoin is volatile because it is in its early adoption stage.”

SkyBridge Capital’s CEO reminded that the e-commerce giant is now one of the leading companies, hinting that the primary cryptocurrency is also heading in that direction. The top executive scratched the topic of BTC’s volatility, saying that this is something normal for a relatively new asset class and compared it to Amazon. He said, “Bitcoin is volatile because it is in its early adoption stage. Amazon had the same volatile curve 24 years ago. But if you have put $10,000 on Amazon at its IPO, you would have $21 million today.”


Scaramucci further added that bitcoin is not only a currency. 

Scaramucci further added that bitcoin is not only a currency. It is actually an effective financial network and a monetary standard. According to him, the asset’s most significant advantage is its decentralization, “Bitcoin is decentralized. And financial instruments work better when you put power in peoples’ hands rather than when the government is in charge.” Despite praising the original cryptocurrency as a highly successful financial instrument, Scaramucci said his support is not only for it. He sees merit in other cryptocurrencies as well, including the second-largest – Ethereum. He also urged people to learn more about the cryptocurrency space. 

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