Smartlands clears legal hurdle to go live in Ukraine in April.

Smartlands clears legal hurdle to go live in Ukraine in April.

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  1. Smartlands will, I believe, one day become the Binance of ABTs and STOs. This company, if it continues to meet it’s goals, could revolutionize how real estate investment looks like and works. This project could open up literally investment opportunities to the average Joe at the 0.03 square foot size. Interesting times to say the least.

  2. This thing is going to absolutely take off! Only 5.1 million coins in circulation right now. Partners with Colliers international…. Global real estate powerhouse

  3. This is a crypto asset token that has a supply of 5 million and a price of 6$. Think about that ratio. Add that with a dedicated team executing on the construction of a multi-partnership REAL WORLD series of use cases. I’ll leave you a moment to realize how insane this is.

  4. I had a built up a nice bag of xlm and was so hesitant to part with them. But im so glad I did. Such massive returns the last 2 weeks and its just the beginning. Such an exciting project with huge potential

  5. Okay this is the news I’ve been waiting for. I’m in. I only wish I got in sooner but had my doubts. Getting the legal framework for a project like this is a MASSIVE deal. Like… yeah. I’m buying. The potential is just too much.



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