Snoop Dogg grand celebration of Doge day


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  • 4/20, new Doge day
  • Video of how Snoop Dogg celebrated Doge day

Popular musician Snoop Dogg has been one of the most influential public figures behind the meme coin, Dogecoin. The music star did not fail to show his support for the coin on Tuesday, 4/20; a day set aside by Doge proponent to celebrate the meme coin.

The set date, 4/20 unofficially, is used to celebrate cannabis day. However, doge proponents are starting a campaign to begin celebrating their meme coin on the date annually. The aim of Doge day this year was to push the coin to $1 which did not materialize however, the coin hit a new ATH on 4/20.

Snoop Dogg being a cannabis enthusiast and Dogecoin enthusiast, had the liberty to integrate both entities in his celebration. He celebrated both Dogecoin and cannabis in a video he shared on his verified Twitter platform yesterday. The rapper in the video pictured himself and a Shiba Inu dog (the dog bread that inspired Dogecoin) in a spaceship flying all to space. The ship had inscriptions of weed, and the dog, when it landed in space, was dressed in a cloth with pictures of cannabis.

He thanked his fellow doge proponent, Elon Musk, for the space ship and captioned, Happy420. This is not the first time the musician would display public support for Doge as he has done so severally in the past alongside Elon Musk.

Snoop Dogg deeply rooted in crypto

Outside Doge, Snoop Dogg has firmly planted himself in the crypto space as he was also one of the top celebrities to embrace the booming NFT space. He launched his own digital collectible in collaboration with digital artist behind the Nyan Cat meme to produce a “Nyan Dogg.”

His NFT was also launched on 4/20. Other similar products launched by the rapper and the same digital artist include Hazy Nyan Cat and Nyan Blunt – each sold for 0.420 ETH in another tribute to 4/20.

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