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Partying with Snoop, Sep 2021

World renown rapper Snoop Dogg has entered the metaverse where he is building a mansion inside the Sandbox, inviting us and you to a party.

Alas the special tickets sold out in 20 minutes, but someone got a party pass and shared it with the public.

A video makes the Snoop Dogg sandbox look a lot more glamorous. There’s avatars, which are NFTs of course, standing or dancing sort of in a concert. There’s a mansion with swimming pools and a dancing area dj-ed perhaps by Snoopy (pictured above).

You can buy these NFTs, including Snoop Dogg NFTs that look like him. You can buy digital land next to Snoopy’s mansion. You can even learn how to make games or avatars with new software that for those old enough may well be what Dreamweaver was to websites.

All this runs on eth of course. The NFTs themselves, the land – which is also an NFT of sorts – and some ERC20 tokens to glue it all together.

Partying with Snoop, Sep 2021

All this is new to us. We haven’t been in the metaverse because frankly we don’t know how yet, so it isn’t clear whether this game-like visuals full of activity is what’s inside, or the more toy like display shown by Twiterati above.

But the idea is a digital world with ‘physical’ game-like dimensions which we build and own and go around in a global metropolis or citadel to play games or listen to music or even just meet new people or hold a speaker’s corner or perhaps even experiment with a Ctizens’ Assembly and, basically since this all is not even created yet, then we can do everything.

Just what, is for time to say, with this idea in the works for now more than three years seemingly beginning to take shape as a new universe metaphorically opens.

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