Snoop Dogg’s first NFT to debut April 2


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Snoop’s first NFT collection to be launched soon.
  • Some of his original tracks and artworks added.
  • The launch is due tomorrow.

Snopp Dogg drops NFT

Snoop Dogg, the popular rapper has declared that on 2nd April, he would be launching a non-fungible token (NFT). The NFT known as “A Journey With The Dogg” would feature some of his works. This NFT features some of Snoop’s original songs. Apart from the songs, artworks based on his life were also added.

The NFT is a partnership between him and Artistes, celebrities and artists have found the NFT buzz quite alluring. While Snoop may be the artiste to have launched a NFT with first, the crypto company have stated that other mega artists would be following suit soon.

What’s in Snoop Dogg’s NFT?

His works – eight in all consisting of both his songs and artworks – will be put up for sale. This NFT launch would also feature a piece of art known as Snoop Dogge Coins. This art would be open for sale about one hour after the launch. According to him, part of the funds realized would go to assisting upcoming singers that yet to make it in the crypto space.  A part would also go to funding football for young people. romance with celebrities and artistes

In an effort to continue producing top NFT collectibles, has entered into partnerships with several A-list artistes. Lionel Richie and Boy George are some names soon to be featured on, apart from Snoop Dogg.

Richie is partnering with Klarens Malluta in producing his NFTs. He hinted that this NFT contains his hit song “All Night Long.” According to reports, Richie is planning to launch his first NFT collection privately. Probably, it would be strictly by invitation only.

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