Snowden on Bitcoin recently

Snowden on Bitcoin recently

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  1. When there’s a drop, it’s always good to ask yourself “did anything fundamentally changed about bitcoin?”. The answer is always “No.” and the conclusion “Buy more.”

  2. Bitcoin is unstoppable. Every attempt to destroy it makes it stronger. This incredible resilience shows us why Bitcoin’s success is inevitable. You cannot stop an idea whose time has come, as Victor Hugo said. And Bitcoin’s time has come!

  3. Please remember that Snowden was very critical of Bitcoin a few years ago, spouting the usual nonsense about MySpace vs FB and other idiocy like that. He was also pushing for some “anonymous” shitcoin, which was everything but anonymous, and most certainly a shitcoin.

    Bottom line, Snowden genuinely doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to Bitcoin. No need to put him on a pedestal for everything he says.

  4. this is exactly what Big time investors are talking about, not just you. key thing here is to always trades with a good strategy even if the price goes up or down.,.

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