So… are we here… *sweating nervously*

So… are we here… *sweating nervously*

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  1. The market did 17x last bull run with five 30%+ corrections. We have only touched a little over 5x with two 30% corrections.

    This current market has way more institutional investment, projects that will change many industry’s and more ways investors can get into the market than 2017.

    I’m not nervous in the least and we have huge gains ahead in 2021.

  2. This is why I look at all crypto as a long term (5+ year) investment. If the pattern continues then in 5 years, even if you sell during a dip, you will still have some magnitude larger than what you put in. Even if you bought at the peak of 2017 for $20k you are still up more than 100% today. That’s still better than the average for the stock market.

  3. Seems hard to believe that the 2017 peak for BTC was 20x the previous run and we will only get 3x this run. I’m not saying it will 20x again…for sure it will be smaller, but 3x?

    By the same token, we had like 6 corrections over 30% in the last run, and I’m sure that there were people each time calling for the end of the run. We probably won’t have 6 corrections again, just because of how many people got burned at the end of the last run, but we probably have another run and correction, or two, before this run is over.

    For me, I’m fine either way, because I’m really planning more for the 2024-25 bull run than I am for this one. If it runs way up I’ll take some profit off the table and will let the rest ride. If it doesn’t then all of mine will ride. So my opinion isn’t based on what I want it to do, but rather what I think it will do. I think BTC will hit 6 figs, this run, or die right at it if profit takers won’t let it run past that mental level. If it breaks through it will run a little more. Personal opinion, I think it will top out at 5-8x of the last peak, which is considerably less than the 20x of the previous run but still has room to go.

  4. There is no way BTC hits an ATH without a 80% retrace at some point before the next rally. It has happened before, it will happen again. it always happens. the fact that institutions are here this time means nothing to BTC. BTC does what BTC does. 80%. Every time. It is just a matter of time. BTC says so.



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