Solana Hack: BONKbot Blames Exported Keys, But Questions Remain

Solana users are reporting drained wallets, with accusations flying towards a popular trading bot. Is BONKbot truly innocent, or is there more to the story?


Solana Hit by Wallet Drainer Attack, BONKbot at Center of Controversy

Solana users have been left scrambling after a series of wallet draining attacks struck the platform over the past day. The culprit? Many fingers are pointing towards BONKbot, a popular Telegram bot for trading Solana-based tokens. However, BONKbot maintains its innocence, claiming the issue lies with users exporting their private keys.

BONKbot Denies Responsibility, Points to User Error

Facing accusations on social media, the BONKbot team issued a swift denial on Twitter. They assert that affected users likely exported their private keys and used them elsewhere, making them vulnerable. BONKbot emphasizes that users who haven’t exported their keys remain secure.

BONKbot Updates: Numbers and a Mysterious Application

As of Friday afternoon, BONKbot reported identifying 302 victims, with a total loss of around 2,808 SOL (roughly $523,000). Interestingly, BONKbot claims that while 113 of these victims had used their bot, all of them had also exported their private keys.

The team further suggests that a specific application might be responsible for the exploit, where users unknowingly exposed their keys. However, they haven’t revealed the application’s identity, leaving a crucial piece of information missing.

Competing Bot, Solareum, Enters the Fray

Adding another layer to the mystery, speculation points towards Solareum, another Solana-based trading bot, as a potential source of the private key leak. While Solareum acknowledged the possibility of being compromised on Twitter, they maintain a defensive stance, claiming they might also be victims.

Unanswered Questions and Ongoing Investigation

The situation on Solana remains murky. BONKbot blames user error and points fingers elsewhere, while a competitor emerges as a potential suspect. Until a clearer picture emerges and the responsible party is identified, Solana users should exercise caution when using third-party applications, especially those involving private keys.

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