Solve token doubles in 24-hours, is this the next 100x token?


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Solve token rises by more than 250% in two days.
  • Solve.Care platform will be announcing a new partnership on October 26.

In a spectacular show of performance, Solve token broke all the barriers, taking #299 position in the market. The extremely bullish price action of the token has grabbed the attention of traders and investors. 

Solve.Care is actually a healthcare platform, and SOLVE token is the governance token of the platform. The platform’s goal is to eradicate the presence of fraud and waste in the world of healthcare, improving the quality of life. 

Solve token performance

Solve token performed extremely well in the past 24-hours, rising by more than 215%. The trading volume of the token rose by a whopping 2147.34%, currently standing at $995 million. 

With such bullish action, the market capitalization of Solve rose by more than 241%, standing at $191 million. The coin is 23.4% below its all-time high achieved in the month of 5 months ago, at $0.6. 

The prices rose by 250.29%on 19th October, while today, at the time of writing, the price of the token is up by 44%, at $0.4048. The month of October has been particularly bullish for the Solve token, as the prices rose by 6.64% on the first day of the month itself. 

Another bullish surge was witnessed on 14th October at 15.08%. Comparing the 90-day low and 90-day high prices, i.e., $0.04457 and $0.5754, you would’ve grown your portfolio nearly 13 times.

Solve.Care new partnership

Solve.Care has been teasing about a new partnership that will be revealed on 26th October. This news has got the users excited about the new project that Solve has been working on.

In lieu of the excitement of the new project, the price of the token rose by 82.5% to $0.149. With this new platform for payment on marketplaces in the healthcare industry, the token seems to have a promising future and might prove to be a worthwhile investment.

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