Some thoughts on the e-waste story

I was checking the data about global e-waste generation. It seems that the world produced 53.6 metric tons of e-waste in 2019. Some of the news that were published recently in a lot of media websites compare the generation of e-waste by bitcoin to the IT sector in the Netherlands. That country as a whole generates 0.4 million metric tons. Even if we assume that the IT sector is responsible for 100% of the e-waste in the Netherlands, that would make bitcoin responsible for 0.7% of global e-waste, but this number is of course inflated.

The media coming up with this story now, out of the blue (many publications in many websites, just google it), is clearly just some attempt of devaluing BTC, if they were worried at all about e-waste they would be discussing the other 99.3% of its source.

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  1. I see you put some effort into this. The “2 IPhones” study from “de vries(?)” claims (“estimates”) turnaround for miner hardware is 1.29 years, which is BS nowadays. It might have been that 2012, but now a new miner generation holds up at least 4 years. Even the 5 year old S9 miners still have a market value far above the recycling value. I’m mining with the newest hardware gen. and expecting it to last until 2026. No miner goes on the dump until it’s defective, because there’s always a site somewhere with otherwise wasted energy that can make good use out of it.

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