Somebody sent 5 Bitcoin ($243,153) to a confirmed Elon Musk Giveaway Scam Address

Last night @Whale_alert twitter account reported that somebody sent an eye watering 5 btc to a confirmed Elon Musk giveaway scam address.


If you use twitter you are likely familiar with the scam stating that Elon is giving away bitcoin if you complete certain actions. They frequently appear in the replies to tweets about crypto. You may have even seen them pop up here in the daily discussion a few times, they never ussually last more than a few seconds before they are deleted by the mods though (thank you mods!). The people creating the comments (bots most likely) are ofcourse not affiliated to Elon Musk in any way. Out of curiosity I looked at this particular scam bitcoin address on blockchain explorer.


At the time I’m writing this 8.96 BTC (over $438,000) has been sent just to that one scam address. I would assume most people here are too crypto savvy to fall for a scam like this but many of us have friends and relatives who are discovering crypto for the first time at the moment. If you are discussing crypto with them it may be worth giving a few tips about how to stay safe if you fear they may be susceptible to this kind of thing. It seems that some people are falling for it and the scammers are making a lot of money.

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