Someone just deployed a smart contract based on the Tiananmen Square massacre on Binance Smart Chain

Binance Coin (BNB) Doubles as Bitcoin (BTC) Cracks a Trillion

There has been contention in recent weeks between users, supporters of, and developers of the Binance Smart Chain and decentralized blockchains like Ethereum.

Proponents of decentralization aren’t happy that CZ and Binance dishonestly promote their network as decentralized and ‘DeFi’, with a number of rumors about just how many of BSC’s 21 nodes are operated by Binance (some say 11, others have said all 21, some say just a few).

After CZ has started bashing Ethereum and artificially infalted ETH gas fees by making all withdrawals pay 10-30% more than ETH gas station’s ‘highest’ rate, it appears that proponents of decentralization have struck back.

They’ve launched a DeFi/farming app on BSC about the Tiananmen Square massacre, presumably to force CZ to remove it and end BSC’s charade as a ‘decentralizedblockchain.

Here is the smart contract address:

This is an interresting test of a ‘decentralized‘ system to see whether Binance removes the smart contract or risks getting on the bad side of the Chinese government. I’m curious to see how BSC reacts and if they try to retaliate somehow.

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  1. I doubt it’s gonna be around for much longer, lol.

    This is an interesting event, though. Either Binance removes it, thereby proving the problems with BSC, or they keep it up and allow the lie to continue for a little while longer.

    Granted, China’s already basically banned crypto and Binance has already moved out of China for that reason, so… I guess we’re gonna find out exactly what CZ’s political leanings are, since I doubt there’s any *direct* pressure that China can exert.

  2. Lmao


    *Submitted for verification at on 2021-02-25



    ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃

    Feeling like participating in a Chinese Communist Party roleplay? Feeling like mauling some pro democracy protestors and innocent bystanders
    under TANKs like what happened at Tienanmen Square in 1989. Then welcome! This game is for you!

    You can mint fresh new TANKs starting at 1000 TANKs, going down linearly at every mint to a cap of 1 million TANKs.
    Minting TANKs are free. Just use the mint function and voila!
    However you cannot mint TANKs to an account if it already has TANKs. First use them to Tienanmen style genocide!

    How to use TANKs? If you are a special kind of oppressor then you will send TANKs to the Tiennanmen Square
    (by sending TANKs to any other account). There is a 50:50 chance that
    1. your send will be successful
    2. you will lose half of your TANKs to the pro democracy movement lead by the great CZ

    These lost TANKS accumulate under CZ’s leadership and once in every 20 transfers, CZ randomly sends his TANKs to one sender
    assuming the sender will support the pro democracy movement. So with every send you are playing a 1/20 dice to get a TANK load of TANKs.

    Little does CZ know that all of you are puppets and are going to use those TANKs to inflict more pain!

    There’s no interface or website, no airdrops. Mint for free from the contract and then just SEND IT!!
    1989 Tiananmen Square protests

    … At about 1:30 am, the vanguard of the 38th Army, from the XV Airborne Corps, arrived at the north and south ends of the Square, respectively.
    They began to seal off the Square from reinforcements of students and residents, killing more demonstrators who were trying to enter the Square.
    Meanwhile, soldiers of the 27th and 65th armies poured out of the Great Hall of the People to the west, and those of the 24th Army emerged from
    behind the History Museum to the east. The remaining students, numbering several thousand, were completely surrounded at the Monument of the
    People’s Heroes in the center of the Square. At 2 am, the troops fired shots over the students’ heads at the Monument.
    The students broadcast pleadings toward the troops: “We entreat you in peace, for democracy and freedom of the motherland,
    for strength and prosperity of the Chinese nation, please comply with the will of the people and refrain from using force against peaceful student demonstrators.”
    On the morning of June 4, many estimates of deaths were reported, including from CCP-affiliated sources.
    Peking University leaflets circulated on campus suggested a death toll of between two and three thousand …

    ___|’—‘’—‘|—._ —
    __ “”” “”” :
    ()_ “”””—“”””—””!”: ’”” ” ___ :
    “””—…“””—__] | / [ 0 ] :
    “””!—./ /“”” —“”” “””
    __ …._____;””’.______””’_..—..:_ —
    / !”’’’’’’!’’’”’’’’’’|’’’’’’’’’’ ’’’’—‘.‘_‘ ‘_.”—
    / /.—. | — | .’ ’’‘ ‘.””—.{‘.’ ‘ ‘ ””— ‘ _…__ >=7 //.-.: | |.’ ’ ._.__ ‘ ‘””’. ‘ ‘””’ .-‘ / “”””-—.‘../ “”“”””-—..:___“”_ | | | “”;.;-“> “”
    “ “”””; “”””” .—“/“””””-—.”..””—“-“””””.—____”””””.—-—“”””]
    ’ —“”””_ __..—“” _!.-— —“”“”””””””””””””” “””””””””””””””
    / .-“”””’—…___ .” .-“”; “;””’—-…^..__…”v.^“”_,‘ ””_“”__..—^”—“”-v.^v,
    ; —;”—“”. “””-/ ./; ; ;P’ ; “”” “”””____; ;.—“”””// ‘””<, “””” ; —“”””1 ‘”” ; ; ‘.: .’ ;< ___.-‘._.’——“””””‘____’..’.—“””;;’ ‘o ‘’——“”””””‘. ’_’:—“”” ’ ‘ ; ;—“”()_ ‘;’ ___ .-“ ____—“”””””” —“”_ __._ ’ ‘>., ,/“ —“”””””” /“””<—‘..__; ‘_.-‘/; “”; ;.’.’ “-..’ “””“— /“‘ ‘`__“”‘. ’“’“;“ ’
    “ ‘. “‘v ; ; ‘;; “—“ .’ ; //// ‘_.-‘ “-._ ; : ; .-‘’_ ‘. ; .^”.’ “ “
    ‘. ‘; ‘. ‘.’/ ”.’`-.__.’ /;;; .o_‘.—.‘_o‘ ; ’: ; ‘””;;””’ ’v^” .^ — ‘-. ‘‘””__””’__v.”,v’. ‘-.-‘ ;|: ‘ : ‘ ‘` ;v^v’’.’. ’;’.‘_/_‘.-‘ ‘
    ’ ’ ‘-…_’.___…—‘”’-. ‘-‘.; ‘WW ‘’_____..>.”^”—“”’””” ‘ ‘sc ‘
    ’ ” ” “””””””” ‘—..__ ‘”._..’ ‘”-;;””” ‘— ‘” ’ ‘” ””” “””—‘””””””


  3. CZ doesn’t even allow people to comment on his Twitter posts besides people he’s following, so it says it all really

    This is actually really a brilliant idea, whoever’s done it can potentially make a huge statement in the space

  4. Not really sure if this kind of “attack” will force them to do anything. Maybe tokenize some illegal contents, that definitely will trigger something since binance is a business entity.

  5. Check out the sourcecode: [](


    ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃




    *How to use TANKs? If you are a special kind of oppressor then you will send TANKs to the Tiennanmen Square (by sending TANKs to any other account). There is a 50:50 chance that*

    *1. your send will be successful OR*

    *2. you will lose half of your TANKs to the pro democracy movement lead by the great CZ*

  6. This is seriously awesome.

    Honestly, though, shady marketing tactics aside it kind of makes sense to rely on a centralised blockchain if the intention is to use something temporarily until Eth 2.0, L2s, or other smart contract platforms can demonstrate usability and security. The centralised nature of BSC actually helps allay fears of major security flaws or vulnerabilities.

    No doubt Binance will continue pushing BSC even when better, trustless alternatives exist, but hopefully acts like the one covered in the article, and common sense will prevail to prevent that happening.

    Will be interesting to see if Binance will bid to become a Dot parachain.

  7. Stupid idea. Binance/CZ will not give a shit and the whole thing will be turned around and used as a proof that Binance actually does not control BSC since they SURELY would have deleted this if they did.

  8. This is amazing. I encourage anyone reading this to create more smart contracts based around this idea. We cannot allow any country or governmental entity to have the influence over this kind of information anymore. Put the most offensive things against the Chinese government, Russian government, and United States government that you can think of and see if it sticks.



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