Someone just deployed a smart contract based on the Tiananmen Square massacre on Binance Smart Chain

There has been contention in recent weeks between users, supporters of, and developers of the Binance Smart Chain and decentralized blockchains like Ethereum.

Proponents of decentralization aren’t happy that CZ and Binance dishonestly promote their network as decentralized and ‘DeFi’, with a number of rumors about just how many of BSC’s 21 nodes are operated by Binance (some say 11, others have said all 21, some say just a few).

After CZ has started bashing Ethereum and artificially infalted ETH gas fees by making all withdrawals pay 10-30% more than ETH gas station’s ‘highest’ rate, it appears that proponents of decentralization have struck back.

They’ve launched a DeFi/farming app on BSC about the Tiananmen Square massacre, presumably to force CZ to remove it and end BSC’s charade as a ‘decentralized’ blockchain.

Here is the smart contract address:

This is an interresting test of a ‘decentralized’ system to see whether Binance removes the smart contract or risks getting on the bad side of the Chinese government. I’m curious to see how BSC reacts and if they try to retaliate somehow.

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