Sorry Dogecoiners, Bitcoin is the first space coin! BTC txs have been being broadcast from satellites for years now.

Blockstream Satellite is the world’s first service that broadcasts real-time Bitcoin transactions and blocks from a group of satellites in space. It was introduced in 2017 and is still in operation today:

With the service, everyone will have free access to the Bitcoin network, in any corner of the world, including the estimated four billion people not currently connected to the Internet, due to lack of availability or affordability.
With coverage across the globe, the satellite allows for you to interact with the network without having a internet connection. This is important in areas where the internet can be shut off by totalitarian governments. Think of the restrictions recently imposed by India in the area known as Kashmir.
So I’m sorry dogecoiners, Bitcoin was the 1st cryptocurrency to leave orbit so therefore it is THE 1st spacecoin. It is the 1st blockchain to be broadcast from space.

EDIT: a video on how blockstream satellites work by Andreas :
EDIT2: [Commander Chris Hadfield receives his first bitcoin from space via Blockstream Satellite](

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    >The network as of 2019 is only a one-way network and the user still needs a connection to the Bitcoin network to send transactions, which can include SMS gateways or higher cost internet which would be expensive for receiving full Bitcoin block data, but is cost effective to send a single transaction.

    Sorry to burst your bubble. Cool project though. But blockstream can still fuck off.

  2. Y’know, I tried to set up a Blockstream satellite node using the directv dish on my house. Bought all the adapters/etc., hooked everything up, and followed the instructions to install. Couldn’t get it to work. One of the commands didn’t work as expected, and I’m too tech-stupid to know why. Bummer, though, because a satellite node would be cool!



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