South African police investigate missing brothers’ crypto platform

South African police investigate missing brothers’ crypto platform

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  1. tldr; South African police are investigating investors’ claims to have been scammed by Africrypt, a crypto platform run by two missing brothers Ameer and Raees Cajee. The brothers are accused of stealing £2.5 billion in Bitcoin after telling investors their funds had been lost in a hack and urging them not to alert the authorities. Last month, a mystery investor offered to repay investors for 65% of the value of their lost investments.

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  2. Translation: we want the money for ourselves. When we find it, only 10% will find its way into customers’ pockets. But we’re too stupid to realize that even if we “found” it, there’s nothing we could do about seizing it.

    South Africa is as corrupt as they come. Shocking anyone can do business there. They need a revolution and purge.

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