Spike Cohen answers my AMA crypto question!

Spike Cohen answers my AMA crypto question!

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  1. Absolutely right! They’ve been trying to taint the views on Crypto for a long long time. It’s their worst nightmare. The most they’ll be profiting off of us is our mortgages etc. they will still exist in that realm unless a another group or genius safe us in that avenue! LETS GO CRYPTOOOOI

  2. Don’t think we can ever get rid of them completely, especially since banks have been accumulating BTC since 2014. I wouldn’t be surprised if Coinbase and other exchanges become the richest banks themselves.

    Definitely being less dependent on banks is liberating though.

  3. Blockchain will bring peace and freedom if they manage to not be captured by dev team or social attacks..

    There are probably still major major challenge getting to widespread adoption due to that alone.

    But yeah, at least we try.

  4. I voted for jo Jorgensen and spike Cohen as they are the only ones who are for crypto. Trump and Biden are equally as bad and if you voted for either then you are a terrible human being. And a hypocrite if you like crypto. The LP is literally the only party that is for the people. The failed duoply of the 2 party system of the republicrats is no good. And if you are voting for republicrats (democrats and Republicans) then you are not for bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Anyone who votes for republicrats are apart of the problem.

  5. Lol no. The govs have something which you don’t have, guns. If they ever feel that our magic Internet money endanger the way they run the society it will be regulated or banned. To paraphrase an old saying, an official coin is a shit coin with guns.

  6. Does anyone else feel like those I power would just find ways to regulate crypto heavily in this case? They aren’t just going to let people take back the power without a fight.

  7. eh yes and no, Most economist believe nations will continue to print fiat currency deflating its value until they are forced to bind it to a rare asset again. there’s a large debate if that will be Gold or Bitcoin. i think we all know which one will win int he end.



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