Split lightning payments debuting tomorrow via livestreamed DJ set at the U.S. Mint! (details in comments)

Split lightning payments debuting tomorrow via livestreamed DJ set at the U.S. Mint! (details in comments)<a title="" class="aalmanual" target="_blank" href="">Bitcoin</a>/comments/mn1b4y/split_lightning_payments_debuting_tomorrow_via/

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  1. Tomorrow, at 6:30pm PT, I’ll be playing a set from the US Mint in San Francisco.

    If viewers of the livestream enjoy a track, they can send sats via QR which will automatically be split 10% to me for playing the track & 90% to the producer for making it

    Producers can also make their tracks downloadable if a certain payment threshold is met.

    Instant p2p split lightning payments to music producers from all over the world.

    Rabbit holing on micropayments long ago inspired this, but increased copyright takedowns of streams during COVID motivated its completion

    Imagine a future where producers mint x # of licenses for a track & a platform can cross reference if a DJ has the rights to play it.
    If platforms are also cut into the payment split, they’ll be incentivized to keep the stream going

    This is the type of functionality I’d like to see w/ NFTs…enabling the reach of art & music while simultaneously creating new means of income.

    Sats can be sent via a number of LN wallets including Zebedee, Blue, Zap, Zeus, Coinos and more.

    I’ll be streaming on [Youtube](, [Twitter](, [Twitch](, [Mixcloud]( and [Facebook](

    Thanks to [fiatjaf]( for helping make the open source plugin soon available on

    Hope to see you there!



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