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Nowadays, everything appears to evolve too quickly, and we do not have the opportunity to keep up with new technologies.

Since Bitcoin has been invented, a lot of new ways of making income have appeared.

Staking, trading, learning, or even creating your own token becomes much more accessible day by day; everything is a click away from us.

But how do we know we’ve chosen the right path, and who can give us more credibility and ensure we’ve made the right decision? Now with WEWE Global, we found a way for you.

Who is behind WEWE Global?

WEWE Global operates as a service ecosystem. This means that you can use Bitcoin and Ethereum to make purchases on the platform. The platform also has WEWE tokens that can be purchased; if you do not have them, do not worry, the system automatically converts a part of your purchases into WEWE tokens.

By having DIGITECH SERVICES LTD as the company that takes care of the accounting and legal management, the ecosystem is also based on a DAO system that will operate autonomously concerning pre-established rules.

One of the rules concerned is wealth redistribution. That is, each transaction entails a fee, which is common in exchanges and payment systems.

The difference is that with WEWE Global, 70% of these fees are returned to users.

The second rule is that the project is community-driven, which means that users make decisions through a voting system; you can also create and publish proposals.

Can WEWE Global be trusted?

This platform is not only trustworthy, but it also provides services and products that individuals can purchase. The use of identity verification elevates the project to a profound and secure level, providing additional security to users and their wallets.

The WEWE project has over 140,000 members and offers 9 services in over 82 countries.

Also, the platform has the following partners:

  • CryptoBulls;
  • Travel4You;

What defines WEWE Global Ecosystem?

WEWE Global’s ecosystem is well-organized. Users will be able to learn and improve their knowledge of their crypto area in addition to buy and earn from product and software liceses.

The following features will be available to the individuals:

  • Trip discounts – with travel vouchers, you can save up to 70% on hotels all over the world;
  • Blockchain school – where individuals will be able to learn more about the blockchain economy;
  • Staking – as a method for users to earn from a software licenses while supporting the network;
  • Launchpad – a valuable experience in the development of the best ICO projects
  • Referral program – by sharing their favorite products the users will receive incentives;
  • Payment app – allowing cryptocurrency payments in 52 million physical stores.

Now that we know what the WEWE Global platform has to offer, we recommend following them on social media and becoming a member of their team.

Social media: Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Medium.

Website: WEWE Global.

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