steam should reenable BTC payments with lightning


Steam says it could reconsider this decision to remove bitcoin as a payment option in the future if the currency finds more stability,

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  1. Lightning Network is still quite experimental since everything is a hot wallet and connected to the internet. It might be a bit too early still for a company that handles billions of dollars in payments to take the risk with lightning network and private key leaks.

    I’d say give it half a year to another year for the supporting technology to develop a bit further.

  2. it’s quite curious to me that service-based businesses are not adopting crypto more. You don’t even need lighting in most cases as the fees aren’t that bad anymore. Ofc for micropayments you do.

  3. Steam is Garbage, check out Ultra (UOS), literally going to do what steam is doing but much better. I know I’m going to get downvoted for this since it’s a Bitcoin reddit, but had to throw it in there 😉

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