Stellar introduces Horizon 2.0

Stellar Horizon 2.0

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Horizon 2.0 introduces massive performance and architecture benefits that makes running Stellar infrastructure easier than ever:

The optimized Captive Stellar Core can process transactions in-memory, meaning…
– Disk space requirements have been vastly reduced (by 100s of GBs)!
– Ingestion is now orders of magnitude faster (weeks -> a day), meaning…
– The Horizon database is no longer precious: it can be rebuilt quickly!
– There’s no separate Stellar Core instance to manage, meaning…
– No more database requirements for Stellar Core


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  1. This is an actual excerpt from Stellar’s announcement page:


    “Unlike selecting a[ **starter Pokémon**](, changing your mind about your architecture is not difficult after the fact. If you suddenly find yourself vested in the decentralization of the network and want to run a validator, the standalone Stellar Core instance can be deployed independently while your Captive Core instance continues to work with Horizon. The inverse is also true: if you are running a validator and decide running Horizon is all you care about, all it takes is a bit of reconfiguration to introduce the Captive Core instance and enjoy the performance and architectural benefits it provides. ”


    I like how it actually links to Pokepedia. BULLISH.



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