Steve Wozniak is starting another company, 45 years after co-founding Apple with Steve Jobs

This time, Wozniak is starting a business in the green tech and blockchain space called [Efforce](, according to a statement released Friday.

Here is the inteview [](

Efforce, which [has been in stealth mode for almost a year](, is a marketplace for corporate or industrial building owners to have “green” projects funded.

According to Efforce, “investors can participate in energy efficiency projects buy acquiring tokenized future savings,” while companies benefit from such improvements “at no cost.” Using blockchain, “a smart contract redistributes the resulting savings to token holders and the companies without intermediaries based on exact consumption/savings data.”

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  1. I’d be careful with WOZX – first is that Wozniak is not very involved with the project he’s sort of just a figurehead, he doesn’t understand crypto very much (definitely understand the tech but not the economics).

    There are a _ton_ of tokens that were pre sold to institutions and they dump usually 1-2 M each day.

    It’s not a bad idea per se but this is _very_ risky, don’t get roped in just because WOZ is on the name, like I said he is not very involved other than being a figurehead.

  2. That sounds interesting, thanks for sharing! I think it will be worth keeping track of it, hopefully ventures and ideas like this one will mean one day blockchain-based businesses will be the norm!

  3. Looks exciting! From what I understand, the holders “invest” in energy efficiency projects? How can this be done in a completely decentralized way? Do they vote on which project will get the funding?

    Also, the website is beautiful.

  4. Are those exchanges any good?
    He didn’t make a single tweet about this on his personal twitter by the way. And on the companies twitter page all people do is complain about multiple empty promises.


  5. We are working on something similar to this, if you are interested:


    Based in Germany.

    Glad to see more and more projects focus on sustainable energy. We can’t have enough of it.

  6. Woz’s name is bound to come up, it’s inevitable. But I still HATE that most people don’t see beyond that.
    Efforce has tech part, publicity part and real-world business part to it.
    Take for instance the fact that another co-founder, Jacopo Visetti also founded an actual ESCO (energy service company) in 2010 called AitherCO2. That’s equally important to know.
    Another co-founder, Andrea Castiglione was featured in this month’s Forbes “30 under 30”. Pretty neat, huh?

  7. I am very excited about this project. This is the first coin that has some real world use case unlike all other coins which have no real value.

    The Efforce team isn’t advertising because they don’t want to hype the project before the platform is ready and live. As per their Telegram announcement, they are doing some amazing work in the backend that will transform the energy industry.
    I have gone all-in because I see the potential of this coin going 10x very soon. This is still very early to get in before people fomo buy it.

  8. I love that this sub is stoked on DOGE and happy to buy when it’s about to hit 15,000% in less than 6 months but then you present an actual working platform that isn’t a meme co-founded by the guy who helped bring us personal computers and smart phones and people are skeptical. Makes sense. 😭😭😭



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