Steve Wozniak to discuss the future of energy at the Inaugural EFFORCE Summit

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This week is dominated by the climate change conversation, with authorities and activists around the world descending on Glasgow to mark what has been termed ‘the last, best hope’ to reach the 1.5C target.

Alongside this, a number of online activities are taking place to address issues around climate and one notable issue is our energy consumption.  Efforce will host its first virtual Summit on November 6th with the opening talk hosted by founders, Steve Wozniak and Ken Hardesty, to discuss this very issue.

As the world’s economies commit to spending billions of dollars to reduce their carbon footprints, the need to reduce our levels of energy consumption comes to the fore. In the battle for carbon neutrality, countries, organizations, and individuals are required to act responsibly and consider sustainable alternatives to all sources of energy. 

The Efforce Summit is bringing together opinion leaders and entrepreneurs from both the traditional and the cryptocurrency sectors to share views and speak about the long-term implications of blockchain technology in the energy space. Speakers include Nikolaus Widmann, CEO of Inewa, Dan Simerman of the IOTA Foundation, and Stefan Rust of Sonic Capital. 

The team at EFFORCE is determined to showcase their vision for rewarding energy reduction, as well as tackling our current inadequate systems of energy consumption. 

The EFFORCE ecosystem and the WOZX token allow retail contributors to directly finance global projects aimed at improving energy efficiency by upgrading their infrastructure with newer technology.

These contributors to the energy-focused projects listed on EFFORCE will be rewarded with the MegaWOZ (MWOZ) credits. MegaWOZ credits are created when a Megawatt-hour of energy is saved because of the project’s intervention.

This summit is supported by Aither Group (, EFFORCE’s core developer and founding partner. Aither Group has over a decade of experience in the energy sector; a privately held company with an annual turnover of $350 million USD.

Currently, carbon offsetting is solely in the domain of large institutions, however, EFFORCE would like to enable everyone to support and be rewarded for energy efficiency improvements. 

They are on a mission to democratize access to energy efficiency projects and increase the amount of liquidity they receive by crowdsourcing their funding. It has undertaken this mission to allow everyone to contribute to a better future for our planet.

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