Stolen funds from 2016 hack being transferred

Stolen funds from 2016 hack being transferred

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  1. For anyone asking, he might be making money by moving the funds -> people seeing it and panic selling -> price drops -> he has a short.

    Also wondering, cannot he just atomic swap this for XMR (when they come)?

  2. There’s so many. They keep moving it out. I figure exchanges would check for something like this if someone was depositing. But would these guys be able to sell it on a dex like bitswap? What happens if you end up with some of it, then try to sell it on an exchange? Would GRT come in handy to avoid this?

  3. There are guys selling Btc wallets p2p in some markets so I guess some unsuspecting guy buys at a lower price and when he tries to use his btc he gets flagged! The hacker has his money though! Don’t really know how the money transfer works though

  4. could this affect monero more than bitcoin? if the hacker is smart enough they’d switch the btc to xmr through a p2p exchange and sell that xmr. if they manage to do that, won’t xmr’s price plummet?

  5. I think these guys can sell it the same way people try to sell stolen phones and laptops. Trade for cash. The buyer might not know or care where it came from. Eventually they’ll be left holding the bag.

  6. Realistically what would happen lets say I’m a freelancer and did some programming for someone and got paid with some of this money? How would I ever know or find out? If I was identified somehow, not as the thief but someone that just got paid by them, is the govt going to seize and return them to the victims of the theft? Its not like that would happen with USD if an ATM gave me money that came from a robbery. Or lets say I, in this example, use them unknowingly with someone else, and then they do and so on and so, at some point shouldn’t this just get written down as part of history? The idea that I might get paid with tainted bitcoin is kind of off putting and I like BTC.

    I also wouldnt mind getting my stolen mtgox coins back if anyone sees them.



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