Stop falling for flashy marketing and do your own DETAILED research before investing.

Stop buying crap and spend at least an hour or two at the bare minimum – much better to spend a day or two really digging into a coin before putting a single $1 of your hard earned money or stimulus money or any money into ANYTHING!

Stop buying coins that have already 5x-20x’d or more just because a bunch of Youtube channels and articles say their coin still has 100’s of % upside! Not to say ‘some’ YouTubers arent great because there are some very helpful ones (you know who you are).

Dont take my word for anything or anyone else’s DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH

This recommendation below is not financial advice but is somewhere to start.. This is a coin that has only just begun its initial move about a week ago starting at 0.0054 usd (half a cent) and upon the release of information pertaining to a full scale banking license called First Blockchain Bank & Trust built on xpr Proton blockchain it saw over 100% value increase. Today its still only trading in the 0.013-0.015 range.

Yesterday they announced their official release of Protonswap which has near zero transaction fees versus other swaps out there like Uniswap where fees are upwards of $50 per trsnsaction and slow transactions.. and yet Uniswap went from 0.40 to $36 in 4-5 months!

Today they announced their banking president Lee Woolley –

I know others have claimed game changer this and game changer that but Protons First Blockchain Bank & Trust isnt just game changing for Proton and Metal it is for our entire industry! They plan to service not only retail customers but other crypto companies who are tired of the run around by the banking industry telling them they wont even allow customer deposits or withdrawls or denying service entirely! This is the first bank that will be crypto friendly top to bottom and should propel crypto forward in a big way.

Marshall Hayner did a detailed ask me anything that you can find in the Proton blockchain subreddit as well as other links to pertinent information as you do your own research.

And again do not take what ive just said as enough info to just dump your hard earned money into something – go and either prove what im saying for yourself or disprove it and only then make any sort of decision financially.

In my first couple years i failed to use these principles and wasted money on projects because they sounded good, and had flashy websites and people shilling the hell out of them everywhere.. i remember thinking “well lots of people are raving about a project, must be good”! Almost never the case.

Be smart, use your own comon sense to find projects that havent taken off yet but have significant provable events about to take place.

Another to really look into is scrt Secret – ive yet to commit significant $ to this project because im still in the learning phase but i am invested and with their ability to provide partial data security for company and client financials for example while the transaction is still viewable i think its going to bring a ton of value to Ethereum, Cosmos, and many others so dyor.

Good luck everyone.

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  1. Wow was surprised to see scrt mentioned positively in this post…

    I think a lot of the cosmos projects are going to recognized as fundamentally sound projects

    Projects like Binance smart chain, Terra, and Secret Network have been building and launching actual live products out on mainnet that are differentiated. If I had to put my money on projects that will last, I’d much rather bet on these projects that have real utility over projects with “promises” to deliver.

    Just for those who aren’t familiar with the project, Secret Network has delivered on the following:
    > > Delivered privacy preserving smart contract platform live on mainnet for 6 months

    > > Built a cross-chain asset bridge to Ethereum that has migrated 90M of assets over to the network to encrypt with privacy

    > > Launched 2 privacy focused apps (secret auctions, secret swap AMM) that run on Secret Network and uses SCRT as gas

    Products in the works:
    > > Bridges to binance smart chain, Monero, Bitcoin, Polkadot

    > > Sienna network AMM and lending protocols

    > > Secret NFTs (hidden lootboxes, trading packs, gaming and gambling applications)

  2. If people actually did that, and invested on the basis of what a project *actually does*, Monero would be #1 in marketcap.

    Instead, people fancy themselves technologically literate, and gamble on the fancy lies of scammers, promises, and ideas which may or may not even be able to succeed.

  3. This post is absolutely on point. Don’t fall for fancy shilling. In particular, Secret Network is a gem that will be the catalyst for the blockchain paradigm shift. The team has been on fire with non-stop building and releases. Do your research and learn.

  4. All in already & staking in proton wallet. *Disclaimer, Metal didn’t have withdrawal fees for XPR to the proton wallet until a couple of days ago. I was told by customer support as soon as it’s on Mainnet it’ll go back to zero withdrawal fees. I’m very impressed by Metal & the feel of the app. Their customer service is excellent & makes buy/selling crypto, not just Metal (XMT) & Proton (XPR) a breeze. Withdrawal fees seem to be minimal if any with crypto on the Mainnet, IMO.

    Edit: $10.96 in profit (since withdraw fees added) $0.18 in staking rewards in a couple of days.

  5. Coins are cheap when/because they look like a questionable investment. Coins gain value as their application becomes reputable. By then, you lost your chance at the massive gains. Don’t let posts like this discourage you from YOLOing into Doodycoin. We invest at our own risk levels, and our gains/losses reflect those risks. Right or wrong?



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