Stop me if its wrong, but…

in general I often scroll threw comments on like every other post just arbitrarily upvoting everything. As am under the impression the upvotes are how people get moons.

I mean what good are moons, if I cant ensure just about everyone I see get some?

Basically just wondering, Is this messing with some kind of moon algorithm or something (i clearly dont really know shit about fuck) or if its cool to continue to just upvote everyone for sharing of the moon wealth purposes?

Edit-updoots are great, and whoever sent me moons also fantastic and a bit excessive . But someone just awarded this post. Don’t to that, please. Use money you would spend on awards, donating to charity.
Might I suggest – (in honor of all the soon to be homeless doges out there *zing*)

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  1. Don’t moons only have value if the post in question is sought after? Otherwise who would buy this useless comment as an NFT? I also don’t know shit about fuck so I guess it doesn’t matter?

  2. Big shout out to whoever just sent me moons, you really really didn’t have to, I had 0 a moment ago but as you can all see I’m up to 5 now, and someone recently mentioned these things have value. So fuck the lot of you im rich now!

    Edit- apparently “value” is a subjective term. I’m sorry for what I said earlier.

  3. Supposedly they’re weighted differently for post upvotes and comment upvotes but as to whether you’re messing with the algorithm you’re most likely too small of an influence to make too much difference at all.

    Spam those upvotes!

  4. I couldn’t figure out why this sub is being so nice today then it hit me… it’s 420! Here’s a moon for you and one for you, puff puff another for your comment, “shit i’ll just upvote everyone in this thread.” I like that mentality my friends!

  5. I dont understand the value of moons but commenting is still fun to me. It helps with stress in daily life and I always want to be on a financial subreddit. It either this or ask reddit. Once you have been there any subreddit is quality to me.

  6. I’m still wondering the same thing. But I go an upvote everybody with a meaningful comment. If you’re taking time to contribute to the community, you deserve an upvote.

    Also, if you shitpost something funny, you’re also getting an upvote.

  7. I love up voting, but I wouldn’t up vote every comment, some people just type shite, some peeps just plain rude and nasty.

    I always up vote helpful comments even if it’s not for me 👌⬆️

  8. There is an added incentive for communal good to be the generous person and upvote people to help them out. But you’re right to assume this inclination might lead to an inflation issue of mediocre posts getting more upvotes than they deserve, based on the merits of kindness rather than post quality.

    Posts I try to be more choosy with. Comments I’m more liberal with.



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