Stop trying to time the market, DCA FTW!

Probably a repeat PSA, but seriously, if you’re new (or even not new) to crypto, look into DCA-ing into your favourite coin rather than trying to buy the dip(s).

Quick recap: DCA-ing or Dollar Cost Averaging is basically investing the same amount of money at set intervals over a long period, riding the market up and down… instead of trying to beat the market.

It averages out the buy-in price and is a great way to take emotion out of the equation.

A lot of exchanges have the option to do recurring buys, completely automating the process 🙂

Anyways, thought it was worth repeating the message for the newcomers. Have a play around with this DCA calculator (I use Crypto Head but there’s a few out there) to see what your ROI would have been if you invested X amount of BTC over the period of your choice.


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