STOP using ANY information coming from Alex de vries works for the DUTCH CENTRAL BANK, 8+ years of propaganda under his belt.

*This is all publicly available information, I just wrapped it up*

He has a couple posts dating 8+ years ago with the same agenda, always trying to attack bitcoin, initially he tried undermining Bitcoin for Doge, now he is using false information and environmental “problems” as another attack vector, and now he has succeed massively.

almost every singe article and discussions about bitcoin or crypto’s “INSANE” energy use always redirect to the same false information, if it doesn’t directly link to his website, it goes to another article which does, you can always trace it back. Spread this information around, this is really hitting Crypto mining hard with the propaganda and misinformation, NEVER believe in anything

two good bitcoin magazine articles about this:



Proof of his assignment:




his reddit accouts:
pretty sure this one is his as well u/Dogeconomist

his sub: r/Digiconomist

old and new twitter:

And facebook:[](


He started out with the name/website http:/ and his website(which is now down, fortunately it was archived)”*Dogeconomist* is a platform that provides in-depth analysis, opinions and discussions with regard to [*Dogecoin* ]( other [*cryptocurrencies*]( *“Internet’s Favorite New Currency”* is well known for starting as a joke, but rapidly growing more serious. The goal of *Dogeconomist* is to be a voice for the serious side of *Dogecoin*, and cover any relevant financial, economic or regulatory topic.”

Then, in 2014 he went to the dark side and rebranded to [](”*Digiconomist* is a platform that provides in-depth analysis, opinions and discussions with regard to [*Bitcoin* ]( other [*cryptocurrencies*]( goal of *Digiconomist* is to cover any relevant financial, economic or regulatory *cryptocurrency*-related topic. The reason for this is that *Digiconomist* believes that anyone involved with cryptocurrencies should have some basic financial/economic knowledge, in order to understand the risks that could otherwise result in serious losses. *Digiconomist* is built to assist with acquiring this knowledge.”

he was working at PWC from 2008 to 2011 then 2012 got into the ING Nederland bank.around 2015, he radically changed all his content, before he was very enthusiastic about it, the suddently, only the worse of the bunch, conveniently, at the same time he left his job at ING Nederland bank, and went to PWC, very ESG stuff(who would’ve guessed) at the position of *Co-founder of PwC’s Blockchain Experience and Blockchain Tribe Squad Leader*, and was hired by the *Dutch Central Bank* in 2016, (keeping both jobs).
From now onwards, it was only downhill, and that’s how we got to this point. Hope you learnt something, and now if you see “Digiconomist”, *X to Doubt*.

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  1. More than a week ago he was invitedto podcast “De Dag” (The Day) owned by the Netherlands BroadcastingFoundation, which is a state owned news station. During this 20 minute long podcast I was able to find 10 quotes that were either extremely misleading or completely false. 

    Some examples:

     “And now we are talking about an energy use the size of data centres worldwide, so what supports facebook(meta), google, amazon, the whole internet.”

     “Crypto currencies are animportant and concrete factor in the climate crisis”

     The Netherlands BroadcastingFoundation (NOS) is one of the most trusted and by far most watched newsstation in the country. I’m dissapointed that they invited the most anti crypto economist in the world to their podcast and didn’t consider inviting someone less biased. 

  2. i judge information based on merit, not based on the source and you should too.

    edit: surprise! redittors don’t think information should be judged on merit. lol big surprise. fucking losers.

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