Stream Live — Revolutionising Online Live Streaming Industry

Stream Live — Revolutionising Online Live Streaming Industry

Conventional platforms are increasingly being substituted by a relatively new innovation – live streaming platforms. Millions of viewers tune in to watch, participate, and reward their favorite online personalities every day.

However, a new streaming service called Stream Live offers an all-in-one stream solution. A single website allows users to explore live broadcasts from all major platforms, saving time and effort.

Similarly, broadcasters on Stream Live may simultaneously go live on major streaming networks like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

Stream Live has also adopted a unique approach to compensating both broadcasters and users. Users may earn STREAM coins (STRM) by viewing ads of their favorite streams on Stream Live.

The service is completely blockchain-based, allowing users to donate or receive STRM using any crypto wallet that accepts Binance Smart Chain (BSC) tokens.

The platform seeks to deliver a flawless streaming experience for viewers and broadcasters by eliminating pricey transaction fees and enabling smooth peer-to-peer interactions.

Stream Live plans to introduce an NFT Marketplace environment to the site in the future. They’re also working on minting videos as NFTs. A public auction will be held in February 2022 to kick off the conceptualization process.

As a result, Stream Live seems to be a future-proof streaming solution handling some of the most inventive and intriguing ideas of the next decade.

Thanks to its high-speed STREAM blockchain, the platform’s potential appears endless, which rewards both viewers and broadcasters and its STRM coin. We can’t wait to see what Stream Live can achieve with these resources, especially an NFT marketplace.

About Stream Live

Stream Live aims to link online consumers with streamers in a new and technologically improved method. It will be the first blockchain-based all-in-one live streaming platform. Moreover, it has plans for an NFT marketplace in the pipeline.

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