Suarez stirs Twitter with talk of 100% pay in BTC


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  • Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has said that he’s open to earning his salary in Bitcoin (BTC). He was responding to a question on who’d be the first American public figure to accept their pay in BTC.
  • Mayor Suarez’s response has drawn mixed reactions. As one section of Twitter lauded the mayor for it, another was less enthused by his move.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has stirred a Twitter debate by requesting that his next check be in Bitcoin. Suarez had tweeted this while responding to a question by a Twitter user @APompiliano.

@APompiliano had wondered who’d be the first politician to get their pay in BTC. To which Suarez replied that he was ready to take one hundred percent of his next paycheck in the coin. Further, he asked Mike Saratsi to help him actualize that.

His reply jolted @APompiliano to ask Mike Saratsi and Jack Mallets to help set the mayor up. At this point, Mike affirmed that he’d provided him with a Strike registration link.

Suarez is winning support

Suarez’s reply that he’d be willing to receive full pay in BTC elicited a robust debate. On the one hand, his decision has earned him support and plaudits to boot.

One person that’s firmly in favor of the city chief’s move is Mike Siratsi. Besides sending Suarez a Strike registration link, he urged him on.

He did this by sharing his experience of receiving part of his pay in BTC. To him, the process was flawless. He went on to term the mayor’s move a “boss move.”

Another contributor, Joe, going by @RideTheBull, lauded Suarez for his “leadership.” He further expressed confidence that the mayor’s move would influence others to follow suit. 

Again, Joe held that many were converting their paychecks to BTC. Thus there was a need to streamline the process from its source.

Yet another user, TheCuriousHippy, lauded the mayor as a forward thinker and investor. He added that BTC could be the answer to the problems posed by debt and hyperinflation. The fan concluded by wishing the mayor the best.

But not everyone’s sold

Suarez attracted criticism in equal measure too. One Shane Trammel disputed the mayor’s assertion that he’d receive his pay in BTC.

He said he thought that the mayor meant he’d buy BTC with his next paycheck. He insisted Suarez would only earn in BTC if Miami paid him in it.

It’s a stance that Vineet Barot agrees with. He tweeted that it wasn’t feasible for the city chief to receive his pay in BTC. 

Barot also questioned the legality of such payment. To date, the USD is America’s only legal tender.

Jon, another Twitter user, holds the same view. He cast his doubts on the possibility of the US government paying in the currency. Moreover, he wondered how the mayor would pay his taxes.

Mayor Suarez is a vocal crypto proponent. He has thrown his weight behind making Miami the crypto capital of the world. His decision to get his paycheck in BTC is, therefore, no surprise.

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