Suggestion: We don’t need a post every time BTC/ETH/whatever reaches a new ATH

If you’re following this sub then you’re probably also aware of price trackers like []( Let’s let the price trackers do what they do best and save this sub for real news, research, opinion, etc.

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  1. Posted the same thing last time we hit ATH’s all over the board… got very diverse reactions.
    But yeah.. I guess 1 post per coin per major ATH is nice and fun, but more is definitely not needed and basically just (moonfarm)spam

  2. I think the people owning the coins just wanna celebrate, and nobody in their surrounding give as much shit about crypto like them or this sub does.

    It is like telling your SO about work, it’s boring to listen to but makes them happy.

  3. I dunno, the average joe on here doesn’t look at all the trackers all day, it’s kinda nice to see what coins are reaching new popularity. If you wanted to clean it up we could ask the mods to pin an ATH or largest proportion increase threads or something.



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