‘Super TP Bros’ Unveils Full Collection of 3,333 Collectible NFT’s

'Super TP Bros’ Unveils Full Collection of 3,333 Collectible NFT’s

Super Toilet Paper Bros ( announced it will be officially launching its NFT business this upcoming Friday, October 22nd, 2021 @ 8:00pm EST (Toronto time). On top of this amazing artwork, they will be offering the world’s first Crypto Utility that allows you to print your NFT designs onto the Toilet Paper and ship it to the comfort of your doorstep! 

They will be releasing an exclusive, Ultra High Definition digital collection of 3,333 NFT digital Toilet Paper to the general public. Also included in this collection is 13 ‘Super Rare’ NFT’s which will be the most valuable and sought after. Super TP Bros (STPB) collection includes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for a range of artistic Toilet paper rarity traits from uncommon all the way to Super Rare. Every single STPB NFT is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, is immediately synced to the platform for selling or trading purposes, and includes full ownership with unlimited commercial rights. STPB is a completely digital arthouse that offers a diverse collection of crypto collectibles created by over a dozen highly decorated, experienced digital artists from around the world – including its original team that has now sold out 3 record breaking NFT projects in 2021. 

“We have successfully been selling out project after project in this NFT space and are very excited for STPB because it will allow people worldwide to print their NFT designs on toilet paper. With the holiday season coming up, we know this will make for a great stocking stuffer, and a gateway to welcome a wider audience into the NFT space. Since our previous launch, Party DJ Space sold out in only 10 minutes, we once again anticipate a quick sell out – so anyone just learning about our NFT right now, needs to make sure they show up early with their Meta Mask wallet fully ready to go!”

STPB: NFT Property Details

One of the exciting things about STPB is their 3333 toilet paper NFT’s are completely unique 1/1s derived from different:

  • Faces
  • Hats
  • Holders
  • Patterns
  • Rolls
  • Plys
  • And beautifully generated HD backgrounds

Although some are rarer than others, we have a revolutionary protocol to generate new (even more rare) Super Toilet Paper’s through our Bro Club.

STPB also has a very thorough road map planned out which includes giving away over $25,000 in Cash prizes – and they will be doubling that to all their holders if they sell out in the first 30 minutes!

For up-to-the-minute information on Super TP Bros sales, visit -or- follow them on social media: Twitter @supertpbros // Join their discord 

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