Survey: 48% Of Brazilians Want To Make Bitcoin A Legal Currency | Nasdaq

Survey: 48% Of Brazilians Want To Make Bitcoin A Legal Currency | Nasdaq

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  1. As a Brazilian I find that very hard to believe. Most of the news I happen to see surrounding crypto here still try to tie it with obscure illegal stuff and ponzi schemes, and most people seem to agree. Just my experience tho

  2. There’s no fucking way that’s true. I am brazilian and I can 100% say that the biggest part of our population have never heard about Bitcoin, let alone support it to be a legal currency.
    Brazil is huge, lots of rural areas and small cities with little to no technolgy. This pool was done in an office building.

  3. El Salvador just opened the door. Now, many governments surely are studying the same question, make BTC legal currency or not. So, after this surely many other countries will get into the race to open the door BTC. Look what Nayib did, mining BTC through a volcano. In the end, all the presidents of poor countries, if they are intelligent, should legalize BTC, because they will not be poorer, and if they succeed they could change the course of the history of their countries, and go down in history as the president who enriched the country. Now El Salvador has a good chance of being a rich country in 2030. Only the bravest will dare to make BTC a legal tender. let’s see who’s next …

  4. _Tolina’s survey interviewed 2,700 people, aged over 18, in all countries surveyed._

    Makes for a nice headline, but as with most surveys, it’s completely meaningless with a sample size that small.

    _In addition to Brazil, the survey heard people in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Venezuela and Mexico._

    Even more meaningless when you consider that the 2700 people surveyed were not all Brazilian.

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