SushiSwap now supports BSC, Matic (Polygon), Fantom, Harmony chains = No More High ETH Fees To Swap!!!

Was just trying to do a swap and saw that Sushi has updated their infrastructure so you can now connect to BSC or Matic (which is ETH L2).

For everyone tired of high ETH fees, this is a big deal because once you set up [Matic](, you can literally transact on Sushi for pennies instead of the normal $100 ETH fees. If you don’t have Matic yet, you can follow [this guide]( to bridge over.

Kudos to Sushiswap team on the recent Bentobox release and this new upgrade. I think this is going to save a lot of people, a ton of money on high gas fees.

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  1. Wow, this is great news! Are there other exchanges that allow BSC network? I’ve heard PancakeSwap does too but would be nice to see a list if anyone has one!

  2. So basically i bridge to the matic network, which requires ERC-20 gas fees once. And then i can swap however i want with nearly no fees?

    Sadly i only swap small amounts, so it ain’t worth for me. But if you move a bigger amount it’s totally reasonable.



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