Sweden’s proposal to ban mining in all europe for enviromental reasons. Thoughts??

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  1. It would just lead to more hashrate moving to other geographical jurisdictions. See what happened with China this year where massive hasrate and mining operations simply moved.

  2. Best regards from Germany! Yesterday the new government formed here. (green party, liberal democrats and social democrats)

    Since inflation due to extensive pandemia spendings is really noticeable here in Europe, governments fear bitcoin. That’s why it could be likely that they use bitcoin as a scape goat for climate change.

    Nevertheless mining in most EU states is not so profitable, because of high energy prices. So a ban wouldn’t have as much impact as in China.

  3. Their state owned renewable energy company disagrees with the financial minister about whether Bitcoin is bad for the environment. A Keynesian Cuck is just trying to save his job with ignorance.

  4. China has given a trillion dollars mining industry to the rest of the world. Europe isn’t keen, the US is. Those Nasdaq listed miners are going to do very well in the next few years.

  5. Too many forces at play to let that happen, though I could see some individual countries banning mining or forcing green energy mining only. Even if it does happen, though, the hashrate will just move elsewhere. Some jurisdictions, including states here in the USA, are intentionally throwing open the doors to mining operators.

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