TA: BTC USD Price not out of danger. A pullback is more than likely.

[Bitcoin price]( in the past 4-5 days has declined nearly by 25% from its ATH. It breached multiple key support levels. Currently trading at $44,500, the last rejection was at $52,000.

In the latest trading sessions, the [BTC USD price]( failed to break above the 50% Fib retracement level of $52,100 swing high to $44,150 swing low. [Bitcoin price]( is currently moving lower and likely to retest the $44,000 zone. A break below the support trendline (below $44,000) could put selling pressure with initial support at the $40,000 mark.

If the [Bitcoin USD price]( starts a fresh increase, bulls could face multiple resistance on the upside. The first key resistance is near $48,250. The main resistance is at $50,000. The 4 hour 100-SMA is also at the $50,000 mark.

# Technical indicators:

* 4hour MACD for the [BTC USD pair]( shows signs of bear gaining hold, and 4hour [BTC/USD RSI]( is trending below the 50-level.
* Major support at $44,000 and$ 40,000.
* Major resistance is at 48,250, followed by $50,000 and $52,000.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us! I don’t have experience of TA so it’s fab to learn from simple digested snippets like this. Thanks for your great work! ![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|arrow_up)



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