[TA] Time to buy

There are a few things pointing to this being a fantastic entry point for the next leg of the bull run.

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**BTC just touched the 20 week MA**

Ok it went through it a little but it’s just an approximate level for the baseline during a bull run anyway. If the bull run is to continue, it’s highly likely that this level is signalling a buying opportunity that might only come about once or twice during the run.


Volume has been increasing over the last week or so, culminating in a large green spike at the bottom of the dip. This often signals a trend reversal because it represents a big fight between bulls and bears, with bulls winning.

**Bullish divergence on the daily timeframe**

While prices have been going down during this correction, the _momentum_ has actually been going up, essentially meaning that the strength of the dip has reduced even as it kept going down. This second derivative of the price is one that you want to watch to get advance warning of a potential reversal



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